My new years resolution is 1900 x 1200

Welcome to 2018.  My new years resolution is 1900 x 1200.

Isn’t it arbitrary to start the new year on an uninteresting day a few weeks after Christmas?  The exact day that is the first day of the new year is pretty random.  Apparently it was Julius Caesar who came up with it and he was just trying to make January, the month named after himself, more important.  I’d prefer the new year start on Summer or Winter Solstice, the longest or shortest day of the year.   That would make sense to me.  It would also make sense to me to start the new year on my birthday, but that’s probably just me.

So because it’s arbitrarily the beginning of a new year I suppose I should make some resolutions.  So here we go.

1.)  Finish a video game!  I play many video games that I very much enjoy but I never actually finish them.  Zelda BotW, Fallout 4, and X-Com 2 are all great games that I never finished!  Darn my short attention span, I want to play a video game to the end credits!

2.)  Lose weight!  I mean, as long as it doesn’t conflict with resolution number one.

3.)  Play at least my placement matches in ranked play for Heroes of the Storm or Overwatch!  I get nervous at the idea of ranked play but I’d at least like to get ranked one season and see how I do.

4.)  Write more!  But I guess I’m doing that now, so this one’s already done.

5.)  Watch Stargate!  It sounds like a cool show, why have I never watched all of it?

6.)  Clean the toilet more often!  Of course I clean it but it would probably be good to clean it more.

7.)  Diversify my online shopping!  There’s other online stores besides just Amazon.  I’ll still buy from Amazon of course but I could try a few other places from time to time.

8.)  Listen to more podcasts!  This will be hard because I already listen to a bunch.  But I’ve been in a rut listening to the same ones for a while now.  There’s probably new stuff out there I’d enjoy.

Okay, there we go.  That’s some good stuff to work on.  Okay everybody, let’s go make 2018 a good year!

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