GadgetHovel is all about Geek Culture.  Computer Tech, Star Trek, IT Tech Support, Table Top D&D and Video Games are all common subjects.

GadgetHovel actually refers to the name of the computer store that the main characters work in. Aron, the happy guy with the A+ on his shirt, is a repair technician who finds himself having whacky and zany adventures every week.

Actually, I don’t care much for whacky and zany so he’ll probably just sit at his desk quietly working. That should be quite a show for you folks!

The GadgetHovel webcomic is created by me, Todd A. Sullivan, who currently resided in Anchorage Alaska where he was born and raised. I spend my days doing I.T. work and my nights playing video games. I’m not sure when I draw the comic, perhaps I draw in my sleep?

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