The GadgetHovel Toddcast is rebooting!! Summer of 2014 was hard on the folks here at and everything kinda went ker-phlooey.  Including losing all 273 episodes of the original Toddcast.  Sad day.

However, this gives us a chance to change it all up!  The ToddCast has officially rebooted to Toddcast 2.0!

You can find the GadgetHovel Toddcast 2.0 on iTunes, or take a listen here at and as always, you can email thoughts and comments about the show to

Thanks for listening!

Episode 001: Reboot!

Episode 002: Turn Based Fun!

Episode 003: Carrie’s Birthday

Episode 004: Engage … Boom.

Episode 005: Trains and Ages

Episode 006: There’s no i in AppleWatch

Episode 007: Opposite Day

Episode 008: Chat with Matt

Episode 009: A Creepy Cast

Episode 010: WARhammer

Episode 011: Herobrine

Episode 012: Beyond Civ5

Episode 013: Vader For Prez

Episode 014: Cone Head Werewolfs

Episode 015: Disney Infinity Is Kinda Okay I Guess

Episode 016: GadgetClix

Episode 017: Socks = Surge Protectors

Episode 018: Socks = SW Trailer Talk

Episode 019: Crossovers Are Fun

Episode 020: Twas The Night

Episode 021: Todd Talks Movies

Episode 022: A MARVELous Game

Episode 023: Captain Retcon

Episode 024: Catan Jr.

Episode 025: Terrence Oakenhost

Episode 026: Indecisive Wishy Washy

Episode 027: Selfies of Doom!

Episode 028: iGeronimo

Episode 029: So … Playing WoW Again

Episode 030: Darth Vadar is Shrinking

Episode 031: Good Board Game, Bad Video Game

Episode 032: City Skylines is Awesome

Episode 033: Donkeypongman

Episode 034: Don’t Read Too Much Into Anything

Episode 035: I Create Happy Things Not Zombies